UV/LED Builder Gel, Sweet Pink 15 ml

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Builder Gel PNB, Sweet Pink 一 modeling gel of a stylish pink shade. This special color is associated with sweet cotton candy and creates a playful, carefree mood.
The complex of properties of this product will satisfy every master. Real magic happens in front of the client's eyes: the gel self-levels in a matter of seconds, is comfortably distributed over the nail plate, creating the most aesthetic look of a natural nail. Fast polymerization is another plus of this incredible material.
Builder Gel PNB, Sweet Pink turns the modeling process into a real art.
The possibility of using this material for various techniques makes it truly versatile:

nail modeling on forms/tips;
masking visual defects of the nail plate;
optical lengthening of the nail bed;
perfect overlapping of the border of the natural nail and the free edge.

Lightness and aesthetics of nail masterpieces with Builder Gel PNB, Sweet Pink!


Excellent self-alignment;
Perfect consistency of medium viscosity;
Secure 7-free composition;
Impeccable in technique without sawdust;
Dense pigmentation makes it possible to hide the transition between the free edge and the nail bed;
The material is actively used not only as a basis, but also to create a spectacular design.


Push back the cuticle and remove the shine from the nail plate with a 180/240 grit file.
Remove dust with a brush, treat the nail plate with Nail Prep.
Apply Nail Dehydrator and acid-free primer Bond Control.
Apply a thin layer of UV/LED Universal / Scotch / HEMA FREE Base PNB. Polymerize in a lamp for 60 seconds.
Alternately place the forms on each finger and lay out a thin substrate of the desired length and shape using Builder Gel, Natural Pink PNB.
Model the architecture of the nails with gel, adhering to the height of the layer not more than 1.5 mm.
To create an arch, you can press the gel for 7-10 seconds. After pressing, send to the lamp for complete polymerization of the gel for 60 seconds. or at low temperature mode for 100 seconds.
Remove residual stickiness with Gel Cleanser.
Shape the nails with a 180 grit file.
Apply a PNB top. Cure for 60 seconds.