Gel Polish PNB Shock Effect, Sunstone 13

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Sunstone 13 – a golden shade of reflective gel polish, which is associated with the luxurious mineral sunstone. The unique shine of reflective particles creates a phenomenal optical effect. The aesthetics of golden sparks will be an ideal option for a hypnotic coating.


enchanting shine;
densely saturated with reflective particles that refract light and create a stunning wow effect;
decorative elements give the coating the effect of depth;
application in only 2 thin layers;
perfectly self-leveling;
does not change color during the entire period of wearing;
resistant to chipping and mechanical impact;
will delight with a luxurious glow for up to 3 weeks;
creates unforgettable impressions from manicure.


Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
Apply the Nail Dehydrator PNB and Bond Control PNB auxiliary liquids to the entire plate.
Apply a thin layer of UV/LED HEMA FREE / Scotch / Universal Base PNB.
Apply SHOCK EFFECT PNB reflective gel polish in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each in LED or UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Cover with a PNB top.

The product is presented in a volume of 8 ml.