Magnetic Gel Nail Polish PNB Meteorites 05 Orion

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Gel polish PNB "cat's eye" Orion is a rich pink color with golden shades.
This magnetic gel polish is worth buying for all fashionistas.
It will attract all eyes around! It allows you to create extraordinary effects with luxury shining stripes like a cat's eye.

Perfectly pigmented, perfect coating in one layer.
Perfect consistency and elasticity removes the difficulty of applying the coating under the cuticle.
It is easy and pleasant to work with. Recommendations for use: 
For the prepared nails apply a dark gel polish to get the maximum depth of colour.

Cure in the lamp and apply a thin layer of magnetic gel polish Orion.
Take the magnet to your nail and hold (depending on the design) for 2-3 seconds.
Cure it in LED lamp. If you need a volumetric effect, apply a second layer according to the same pattern.
Cure in the lamp. Finish the top coat of the Pnb.
Texture: magnetic, with metallized particles