Magnetic Gel Nail Polish PNB Fireworks 8 ml

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Magnetic gel polish "Fireworks" – a real party on the nails. This shade falls in love from the first seconds.
It is densely saturated with particles that create a stylish composition full of gradients and holographic radiance. Magnetic elements, like a prism, reacting to the movement of the magnet, create unusual patterns and add a fantastic depth to manicure. The level of gloss varies depending on the angle of reflection and the density of the coating.
The material has a consistency of medium density, is perfectly distributed on the nail surface and is well self-leveling. Solo or in combination with different shades of gel polishes – each manicure will be unique.
Looking at the cat eye coating, your customers will not resist the temptation to choose such a beauty for their manicure. With the boundless imagination of nail stylists, you can create fantastic works using the magnetic gel polish "Fireworks".

This is a real MUST-HAVE in the arsenal of a master of nail aesthetics, because its possibilities are endless.
Such a radiance can drive you crazy!

Multifaceted overflows;
Luxurious radiance;
Incredible color depth;
Dense, smooth pigmentation;
Amazing three-dimensional glare effect;
Application in 1-2 layers;
Does not change color during the entire period of wearing;
Coating stability up to 3 weeks.


Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
Apply Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control auxiliary fluids to the entire plate.
Apply a thin coat of UV/LED Scotch Base / Universal Base PNB.Apply a thin layer of magnetic gel polish "Fireworks". Cure in LED or UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Apply a second coat of magnetic gel polish "Fireworks", lift the PNB magnet. Cure in LED or UV / LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Cover with a PNB top.