Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 288, 4 ml

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Add a touch of celebration to your look with the rich silver shade "Kindness" that will brilliantly play with shimmering reflections on your fingertips. Such a manicure will transform any outfit into a dazzling ensemble.

Thousands of sparkling glitters on a transparent base. Excellent coverage in two coats. When applied as a monochrome shade, it creates a white gold effect. You can use it for glamorous French tips or apply a single layer of sparkling stripes over a colored base.

It creates an ultra-shiny and durable finish that shines brilliantly in sunlight and artificial lighting. The enchanting shimmer remains intact throughout the entire duration of wearing the manicure. If you wish to buy the best and affordable silver gel polish, then choose the PNB Kindness mini bottle option.