Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 226, 4 ml

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The striking, accentuated raspberry shade of Red Ginge is designed for romantic and feminine manicures. Purchasing the PNB gel polish in the new 4ml size is a beneficial choice for those who love to create nail art on their own. This color is rich and self-sufficient, with a subtle gloss that adds to its color effect.

For those desiring a matte, velvety monochromatic look, you can use the PNB matte top coat. This color requires careful pairing with other shades. It pairs wonderfully with white, black, and graphite tones. Adorned with glitters or rhinestones, it exudes an elegant and festive charm.

This enamel, well-pigmented, odorless, and created with the safe 7Free formula, delivers a high-strength coating that remains unchanged for around 20 days of wear.