Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 221, 4 ml

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Tropical is the perfect choice for a juicy summer nail art. Bring your ideas of a green design to life easily and affordably with the new economical 4ml volume of PNB gel polish.

Buying PNB gel polish in a bright salad-green tone is a great option for enthusiasts of energetic, unconventional designs. It will add freshness and liveliness to your look. This color is self-sufficient; it looks wonderful with delicate decor, fun prints, and 3D compositions. For gradient designs, it pairs beautifully with bright yellow.

It's also great for fashionable nail art color block with distinct boundaries between two or three bright colors. Let your imagination run wild! The quality of PNB gel polishes allows you to create intricate and long-lasting manicures with precision and safety.