Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 203, 4 ml

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The ashy-pink color, Urban Beauty, which has become a trend in the manicure industry, is now available in a new economical version. Buying PNB gel nail polish in a 4 ml bottle is advantageous for girls and women who prefer to do their own manicures.

It is a delicate, sensual, and restrained pink shade that can elegantly accentuate the femininity of your nails and the velvety texture of your delicate skin. The gel nail polish is elastic, doesn't spread, and leaves no streaks. Achieve an ideal coverage with just two thin coats. The formula is hypoallergenic and safe, 7 Free.

It cures quickly and provides a long-lasting manicure without color or shine fading, chipping, or scratches for at least 20 days.