Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 183, 4 ml

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Black Silver is a luxurious trend in nail fashion. Now you can buy PNB gel nail polish in the color "Black Silver" even more advantageously, as it is presented in a new mini bottle with a volume of 4 ml. This is an excellent choice for those who love trying something new.

The glittery black-silver coverage looks very stylish and unconventional on the nails. Using this color, you can create a striking design in various variations. It is pleasant and easy to work with. The optimal consistency density and self-leveling property ensure a perfectly even and smooth finish.

The density of the glitter provides a beautiful shine all over the nail. The safe formula of PNB gel nail polish allows its usage even on thin, prone-to-peeling nails. You will be amazed by the longevity of the manicure created – over 20 days.