Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 136, 4 ml

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Our deep love lies with the palette of natural light shades from PNB. They have captured our hearts with their beauty, simplicity, and the ability to create the most feminine manicures imaginable. One of our favorites is PNB Magnolia 136 gel polish, 4ml.

The wonderful color of blooming magnolia is the perfect choice for the most beautiful manicure. This shade is successfully used for creating delicate French tips or wedding designs; it looks tender and refined, accentuating the beauty and elegance of a woman's hand.

The long-lasting pigment will keep the color vibrant and rich, and the perfectly smooth shine will delight you for at least two weeks. The gel polish has a thick and dense consistency, and with just 2 coats, you can achieve a saturated and beautiful coverage. Want to create your dream design? Then you definitely need to get PNB gel polish.