Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 072, 4 ml

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It appears that you are a young and romantic soul. You are attracted to everything light, weightless, and cozy. In that case, the PNB 072 Foxtrot gel polish in the 4 ml size is created just for you! This semi-transparent gel polish with a light lilac undertone looks very beautiful and elegant on the nails.

A simple monochromatic manicure in this shade is an excellent choice for a festive look when you don't have time to create something exclusive. Thanks to the silvery micro-sparkles and enamel-like structure, the polish shines and shimmers on the nails, attracting attention.

The formula of the gel polish is similar to that of nail extensions, which ensures that the coating lasts for about 4 weeks without chipping. It's easy to apply and distribute on the nail plate, thanks to the convenient brush. Buying PNB gel polish means always enjoying flawless and stylish manicures!