Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 060, 4 ml

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As the approaching hot summer is already felt in the air, it's not always desirable to go for light floral designs. Weekdays haven't been canceled, and in the office, you need to choose a nice, stylish, and not too bright nail coating.

If you are tired of beige shades, take a look at PNB 060 Confidence gel polish, 4 ml. The subdued color of ripe cherry will beautifully emphasize the elegance and beauty of your hands, perfectly fitting into the office dress code. But if you want to add some bold touches to the coating, you can include a provocative message or a fun design.

The gel polish dries quickly and spreads evenly over the nail plate, without running into the cuticles or smudging. If you want to always be vibrant and stylish, we recommend getting PNB gel polish.