Gel Nail Polish PNB 348, 8 ml

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348 Chakra, pink 一 bright pink shade with a neon undertone. This color, like an internal compass, leads to deep personal resonances. He gives strength and confidence in the rhythm of his own dreams. This color will not only turn your nails into a masterpiece, but also immerse you in a powerful flow of life force, as if an open chakra.


trendy shade;
dense pigmentation and chic gloss;
comfortable application in 1-2 layers;
flawlessly self-levels and distributes over the surface of the nail plate;
the coating seals the nail, preventing brittleness and exfoliation;
increased durability of manicure up to 3 weeks;
does not change color during the entire wearing period;
safe 7 FREE composition.


Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
Apply the Nail Dehydrator PNB and Bond Control PNB auxiliary liquids to the entire plate.
Apply a thin layer of UV/LED Scotch / Universal / HEMA Free Base PNB.
Apply UV/LED Gel Polish PNB in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each in LED or UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Cover with a PNB top.