Gel Nail Polish PNB 299, 8 ml

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Runway trends and casual looks? It became so easy to combine them. Forget about tens of meters of silk, satin or lace hand-embroidered with emeralds. The most successful solution will be a sophisticated manicure in any of the “Haute Couture” shades.

Various colors have flooded the world's catwalks this season. The PNB team has selected 6 of the most relevant shades for the gel polish collection to make it easy to integrate “high fashion” elements into your look.
A manicure made in any of the “Haute Couture” colors will add elegance and sophisticated chic to your style, you just have to choose one.
The collection of gel polishes “Haute Couture” is your ideal companion for a summer, fashionable look.

299 New look – use this light yellow shade in your manicure if you want to highlight your individuality.
Fans of light dresses will appreciate this warm color.
It is associated with sun, warmth and joy.
The New look shade makes it possible to experiment with combinations.
The versatility of this color allows you to combine it with both contrasting and pastel shades.