Gel Nail Polish PNB 263, 8 ml

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The Ipanema gel polish is the most romantic shade from the "Sunsets" collection. It's an incredibly beautiful color that will accentuate your youthfulness. It's elegant and delicate, yet stands out on your nails, thanks to the stunning combination of the brightest pink hue and sparkling shimmer.

For summer, resort, and wedding looks, it's a must to buy this gel polish in the color "Ipanema." It's fresh and lovely, like a morning sunrise on the beaches of Ipanema. It's perfect for fashionable manicures with accents on one or two nails.

The consistency is ideal, and the polish does not spread or overflow onto the sides during application. It's comfortable to work with, self-leveling, and dries quickly in LED lamps. This season, it will be in demand among nail artists' palettes.