Dots & Rhinestones Pencil 2 in 1 PNB

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The universal 2-sided tool is extremely convenient when performing geometric,
combined designs, inlays. With the dot even the unsophisticated design lover of
nail art can easily depict points, circles, flowers and even a monogram on the
surface! The base and the ball of dotting tool are metal, which is quite hygienic and
simplifies in cleaning. During the design process, do not forget to wipe the
remnants of gel paint, paste or gel polish on a napkin. This will allow you to get
the most accurate drawing, with perfect shapes. Decorating the design with a decor
is most convenient with a special pencil. The pencil is designed to capture strasses,
broths, sequins and other small decorations. With its help, small decor is
transferred to the nails and installed exactly in the intended place. The paraffin,
wear-resistant, optimal softness of the rod allows you to work quickly and
comfortably with the decor of different sizes, creating a bright inlaid designs.
Length: 132 mm
Dots diameter: 1 mm
Pencil diameter: 10mm