Brush Set №2 Master Pro PNB

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The set consists of the 4 most used brushes for design.
The round, fine brushes 1D/00-s (pile length 7 mm) and 10D/001-s (pile length 10 mm) perfectly draw
the finest contour lines. With them it is easy to create exquisite lace patterns, monograms and original
One of the most popular PNB brushes is 6D/6-S gradient, bristle length 10 mm. It is made of thinned,
high-quality synthetic fiber. It is irreplaceable at performance of gradient drawings. Creation of smooth,
soft transitions of colors. The brush is so convenient, and the form of the bristle is thought over that
with the execution of delicate or contrasting drawing in the technique of gradient will cope even a
5G/4-s square brush. Its application is wide enough: the performance of colored tints, French coatings.
Also convenient when working with gels, polygel, acrylic gels in the process of modeling or restoration of
nails. It is made of nylon fiber as" Kolinsky". Bristles length 8.5 mm.