Blur Ink PNB 01 Blue 4 ml

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Watercolor ink dropsFor creating watercolor and combined nail designs The sky blue color of the drops will look especially gently on a white substrate. Apply drip or dot to a special nail art base UV / LED Blur Ink Base, which provides beautiful spreading of ink droplets on the surface, leaving clear contour edges. The larger the Blur Ink drop, the greater the radius of spreading on the nail surface. The transparency and softness of the finest paint layer blends perfectly with the accents written on top of it: drawing with gel pastes, decoration with rhinestones, broths, creating geometric lines with a spider gel. Alcohol containing, water based. How to use it:Prepare your nailsApply a base coat and cure in UV/LED lamp.Coat your nails with white gel polish in 2 thin layers.  Cure it.  If you use Ultra White, you should remove the sticky layer after curing. Apply special UV/LED Blur Ink Base Coat PNB. Depending on the creative idea of the master, the drops can be applied to the non-cured base as well as to the cured base (30 sec. in UV/LED lamp). The effect will be different in each of the methods.Apply a drop of Blur Ink watercolor.  If necessary, the resulting pattern can be shaded, made more transparent using Gel Cleanser fluid.Allow the pattern to cure in a UV/LED lamp for 2-3 minutes, depending on the number of droplet layers.Cover the watercolor drawing with one of the top coats in 1-2 thin layers. Full cure time in LED, UV / LED lamp – 2 minutes.Recommendations:- Apply the ink by drop, with a thin PNB brush for design 1D, 2D, 7D or any other you like.- We recommend using Protec Top Coat or rubber Extra Pro Coat.- To perform landscape, floral watercolor drawings with Blur Ink PNB, we recommend using the base coat Melt Look.