Blur ink Nail Base 8 ml

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Special nail art base coating for design with watercolor drop ink PNB Blur Ink. Clear, medium density and viscosity base.
Provides beautiful spraying of ink droplets on the surface, leaving clear contoured edges. Smooth, translucent transitions are created on the nail surface when several colors of PNB Blur Ink are used. The ink pigments penetrate the base layer, form a watercolor pattern and are fixed in it.
UV/LED Blur Ink Base is applied to the prepared nail.
Depending on the manicure master’s creative design, it is possible to apply the drop ink on the non-cured layer of the base or after its curing (LED, UV/LED lamp – 30 seconds).
Blur Ink Base has no sticky layer.
The 8 ml bottle is designed for 30 – 40 applications depending on the length of the nails.
Attention! Special nail art Blur Ink Base is not a basic coating for gel nail polish manicure. It is intended directly for making design by watercolor ink. Before making a design it is necessary to carry out standard processing of a nail plate, to cover with colored gel nail polish or a camouflage base on a choice. Cures in LED, UV / LED lamp and start creating the design.