Professional cuticle scissors EXPERT 50 TYPE 1

  • manual sharpening
  • narrow blades for smooth cuticle cutting
  • classical blade curve
  • polished back face of the blade to avoid nail plate injuries
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    • Professional cuticle scissors.
    • Classic blade bending radius.
    • Straight shortened handles for the technician with a small palm.
    • Thin, narrow blades provide easy access to the cuticle.
    • Standard size rings.
    • Reduction of hand fatigue during work, thanks to the soft, easy stroke of the scissors.
    • Perfectly polished surface provides additional resistance to corrosion.
    • High-alloy stainless steel.
    • Resistant to sterilization in a dry-heat oven and autoclave.
    • Can be subject to disinfection with special agents.
    • Recommended for a manicure.

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