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Pedicure tool PODO 20 TYPE 1 (curette+rounded pusher)

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  • (curette + rounded pusher)
  • curette allows you to partially remove dry calluses and work with ingrown nails;
  • curved curette mimics the nail plate shape;
  • rounded pusher is designed to remove pterygium from nail plate;
  • non-slip handle for superb grip.
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    • Double-sided podology tool.
    • The working part “rounded pusher,” is designed to clean the nail plate from pterygium.
    • The working part “curette” allows you to remove dry calluses and work with an ingrown nail partially.
    • The curette is indispensable in removing a thin film of pterygium on the nails, as well as cleaning the sinus between the lateral nail folds and the nail plate.
    • The curette’s bend follows the shape of the nail plate, and the curved ‘nose’ of the tool makes it easy to remove dead epithelial cells under the nails, between the nail plate and the cuticle.
    • Corrugated handle improves the grip of the tool in the palm of your hand.
    • Durable, rust-resistant stainless steel.
    • Additional corrosion resistance due to polishing with GOI paste.
    • Can be subject to all types of sterilization and disinfection.
    • To perform a medical pedicure.

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