Disinfectant NANOsteril, 20 ml

  • A broad spectrum of antimicrobial action. Provides rapid death of bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeast, microorganism spores
  • Multifunctionality in use: disinfection of rooms, tools, medical equipment, PSC
  • Resistant to the environment. Effective in hard water, residues of organic compounds and detergents
  • Nontoxic and no skin irritation
  • It contains a corrosion inhibitor (will not corrode or damage tools)
  • Has no pungent odor
  • Stability in concentrated form (5 years) and as a working solution (30 days)
  • Ease of use (convenient dispenser)
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A disinfectant is a solution for pre-sterilization cleaning (PSC) of the tool and general cleaning of the working area.

Concentrated liquid can also be used to disinfect auxiliary equipment.

Key features:

  • bactericidal activity (against bacteria, including tuberculosis pathogens)
  • virucidal activity (against viruses B, C, HIV, herpes, influenza, rota-, corona-, hantaviruses)
  • fungicidal activity (against pathogens of candidiasis, dermatomycosis, mold fungi)
  • sporicidal activity (against microorganism spores)
  1. THE CONVENIENCE OF USE: the presence of a dispenser for diluting the product to the desired concentration
  1. CSL Level 1:
  • does not contain volatile and environmentally unfriendly components
  • does not irritate the respiratory system and eyes, has a pleasant smell
  • does not have a sensitizing, mutagenic, teratogenic, gonadotoxic, and carcinogenic effect
  • allowed to be used in the presence of patients and staff who not take part in the disinfection


  • disinfection of surfaces, tools, medical equipment, furniture, patient care items, dishes, cloth, sanitary equipment, rooms in medical-and-preventive institutions and children’s institutions
  • for joint disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, during routine or general cleaning
  • preventive disinfection at enterprises (including food processing plants), sports, recreation, children’s institutions, households, restaurants, etc.
  • prevention of the appearance and destruction of mold in industrial and residential rooms
  1. DISINFECTION + PSC: dental, manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, podology tools.


  • 3in1 solution: disinfectant, detergent, deodorizing effect
  • Reusable working solution
  • Does not damage materials and processing items
  • Easy to rinse without stains or streaks
  • Safety; can be used in the presence of patients
  • The convenience of measuring, the accuracy of working solutions preparation
  • Cost-effective due to the concentrate (must be diluted to prepare the working solution)


  • Immerse the used tools in a container with a disinfectant solution at a concentration from 1% to 1,5%
  • Rinse and dry the instrument thoroughly.
  • The working solution of the disinfectant can be used repeatedly within 30 days if the appearance is stable.
Processing object Disinfection mode Processing method
Working solution concentration Processing time, min
When carrying out general cleaning of  household / medical institutions rooms 0,4 % 60 min Wipe or irrigate
1,5 % 10 min
Disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning: manicure,

pedicure and hairdressing tool or equipment


1,5 % 30 min Soaking with the full immersion of tools in the solution
Disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning: medical tools (metal, glass, plastic …) 1,5 % 90 min Soaking with the full immersion of tools in the solution
Disinfection of tools with ultrasonic equipment 1,5 % 30 min Immersion of the tool in an ultrasonic bath
Mold destruction incl. Aspergillus niger 5,0 % 60 min Wipe or irrigate

Preparation of working solution: pour cold water into a container and then add the required amount of concentrate. Do not add detergents.

Working solution concentration with dispenser (1 liter in package) without dispenser
disinfectant (dose 30ml) Water, л 10л
disinfectant, ml Water, ml disinfectant, ml Water, ml
0,4% 1 dose 7,47 4,0 996,0 40 9960,0
0,8% 1 dose 3,72 8,0 992,0 80 9920,0
1,0% 1 dose 2,97 10,0 990,0 100 9900,0
1,5% 1 dose 1,97 15,0 985,0 150 9850,0
5,0% 1 dose 0,57 50,0 950,0 500 9500,0

1 dose – 30.0 ml

Preventive measures:

  • Follow the rules of personal safety
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Protect your hands with rubber gloves and your eyes with goggles when using the product.
  • Protect the respiratory system with a respirator when using the irrigation method.

Expiration date: 5 years from the date of production in a closed manufacturer’s container

Storage conditions: in a closed original manufacturer’s container in ventilated rooms, unavailable for public use, at a temperature of 0 … + 40 ° С. Avoid direct sunlight.

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For manicure and pedicure


20 ml