Small Cone Ceramic Nail Drill Bit. Blue

The tapered formed bit can be used in the under nail cutting, as well as the cuticle area, the sidewall and the surface work. It is appropriate for the top of the toe nails as well.

· Excellent for backfills, surface cleaning, and other acrylic trimming

· 3/32’’or 1/8’’ shank diameter

· Full coarseness for you choose

· Made with high strength zirconia ceramic

· High concentricity

· Safer for clients

· Easy to cool

· Antibacterial

· No clogging

· Acid and alkali-resistant


Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your drill bits:

Step #1 Clean your ceramic bits to remove dust from the surface by washing with a small cleaning brush, alcohol and warm water.

Step #2 Please don’t use UV light that will destroy the ceramic structure and don’t use colored liquids that will dyeing ceramics.

Step #3 Dry your drill bits completely and store away.

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