Wooden foot file BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 1 (100/180 grit)

  • 2 abrasive options for various degrees of skin roughness
  • special wood treatment for better moisture resistance
  • reduced fatigue during operation due to low weight of the instrument
  • comfortable grip on the rasp with ergonomic handle
  • natural alder
  • mineral abrasive material silicon carbide
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    • Foot file.
    • Moisture-resistant tree, natural alder.
    • Two types of grit values of the working surface for the skin of different degrees of roughness.
    • Abrasiveness 100/180 grit – rougher for skin with a medium degree of roughness. The second is softer for grinding the skin, polishing to smoothness.
    • Foot file shape – straight.
    • The size of the abrasive surface makes it possible to remove rough skin quickly.
    • Secure placement of the foot file in hand, thanks to the ergonomic handle.
    • Has a long service life.
    • Used to perform a pedicure.

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