Straight mineral nail file STALEKS PRO 100/180 grit (5 pcs.), set

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  • Mineral nail file.
  • Shape: straight.
  • High-quality abrasive SMART –  aluminum oxide – provides gentle filing of the nail plate.
  • A special stearate coating prevents clogging of the abrasive.
  • Flexible plastic base.
  • A small layer of foam reduces pressure on the nail plate.
  • Two working surfaces 100/180 grit.
  • Abrasiveness 100 grit is designed to give length and shape to artificial nails.
  • Abrasiveness 180 grit is designed for correction and shaping of natural and artificial nails.
  • Does not soak in water.
  • Can be subject to disinfection under the required conditions.
  • Size 177 * 19 mm.
  • 5 pieces per pack.

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