Eyebrow tweezers BEAUTY & CARE 11 TYPE 5 (point)

  • for spot operation
  •  convenient for ingrown hairs removal, as well as for eyebrow spot correction
  • reliable grip on hairs of any thickness with slim, narrow edges
  • reduced hair breaking risk with full pinching of the working planes
  • manually sharpened working edges
  • stylish, bright design
  • medical grade stainless steel “
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    • Eyebrow Tweezers.
    • Pointed edges.
    • Convenient for removing ingrown hairs, as well as performing spot correction of eyebrows.
    • Designed for home use.
    • Stylish colored coated handles.
    • Capture hair of any thickness, thanks to thin edges.
    • Reduction of the risk of hair breakage due to the tight closure of the working parts.
    • The polished outer side of the working part does not injure the skin during the correction procedure.
    • Manual sharpening of working edges.
    • Material: high-quality stainless steel AISI 420, resistant to corrosion.

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